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U.S. Summit Hong Kong (USSHK) is a member of the Summit Group, a set of related, privately held companies that have been actively engaged in various businesses in the Far East for over 50 years. Founded in 1948 by four Chinese graduates of Massachusetts Institue of Technology, USA (MIT), the Group has historically been involved in such diverse activities as oil refining, marketing & sales of industrial chemicals, transportation, telecommunications equipment, and the marketing & distribution of ethical pharmaceutical, over-the-counter and consumer products.

Within the Summit Group, these pharmaceutical, OTC and consumer product activities are conducted by USSHK's parent organization - U.S. Summit Company (USSC) which headquartered in New York City in United States. U.S. Summit Company (USSC) oversees a network of branches and/or wholly owned subsidiaries located in every major markets in Asia. These local operating companies generally maintain the extensive office and warehouse facilities, fully-staffed sales, delivery and collection teams and the sophisticated IT systems required by principals wishing to initiate or expand their activities in Asia. Through these offices, Summit group is able to offer to these principals a full spectrum of services, ranging from warehousing and distribution functions to developing and managing sophisticated marketing and promotional campaigns.

While our infrastructure and capabilities are thoroughly modern, we believe that the underlying business philosophy of USSC and USSHK combines the best aspects of old and new, and of East and West. The current focus on increased specialization and cost cutting often robs companies of the flexibility required to react to their customers' needs, particularly in the case of new products and/or for organizations entering a market for the first time. Unlike many of our competitors, we at Summit pride ourselves on our ability to work with our principals in custom-tailoring arrangements that are truly responsive to the latter's needs.

As an Asian-owned company, we believe in adapting to our client's activities, practices and procedures, not dictating what they should be. We are, in short, easy for principals to work with, without sacrificing either the efficiency or cost saving which they have every right to expect.

Consistent with our intense focus on providing the best service to our principals, the number of companies currently represented by us may be few but are correspondingly very important to us. We believe that once the number of principals grows too large, the level of attention and importance any individual company can realistically expect inevitably suffers.

We sincerely invite you to discuss your business needs with USSHK, your personal distributor for the 21st century!

Mr. Kenneth Wang
US Summit Company


Company Profile

U.S. Summit Company Limited (USSHK) is a member of Summit Group, which has its headquarter - U. S. Summit Company (USSC) in New York City, USA and operates throughout Asia and it was founded in 1948. Today, Summit group operates branches and/or subsidiaries in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam and distributes goods ranging from food to medicines. For over 50 years, the group has been working with healthcare professionals to build up a healthier Asia and contribute a to a better living in the region.

In order to emphasize our link with Summit group and be more easily recognized by our customers, we have changed our company name from Tsun Tsun Trading Company Limited to U.S. Summit Company Limited at end of 2000.

USSHK has over 55 employees in Hong Kong. We wholly own a modern and fully air-conditioned warehouse with space of 24,000 sq ft exclusively for pharmaceutical, healthcare and consumer products in Shatin. We adopted the worldwide acknowledge system ISO9002 in 1999 and have recently credited as an ISO9001:2008 registered firm, all major procedures are under carefully design by our management team.

U.S. Summit Company Limited has been a Sole agent and distributor for many well-known brands in Hong Kong for many years. Our customers include the Hong Kong Government, private hospitals & clinics, doctors, drug stores/pharmacies, supermarkets, department stores and convenience stores.

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